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Size Doesn't Matter in the Herd.

We have a variety of sizes of horses at our acreage, ranging from Miniature Horses to Quarter Horses and a Welsh Pony in between! I like to watch them interact... I find it fascinating and simplifying that the horses who are shorter than my hip height must adhere to the same herd rules as the horses who are well above the height of my head. Height, weight, age, training, none of that matters in the herd. Horses are totally unbiased and choose a herd leader based on their abilities to BE a leader. Every other horse will find its place in the herd, moving on down the hierarchy right down to the "bottom" horse.

Horses act on instincts, not drama. Horses live in the present moment, not worrying about tomorrow. Horses meet you where you're at, not where you think you should be.

I love how matter-of-fact their herd behavior is and how they all receive and give communication without hurt feelings or judgments. They all work to keep the herd balanced and safe. I too, must respect the herd rules and understand them to be safe and respected when I am among them. Learning a horse's body language is of vital importance for this reason.

What if we treated people like horses treat eachother? What if we communicate clearly, right away, how we feel about what's happening around us? What if we all followed the same principles or "herd rules" that looked out for eachother's safety? I wonder how different our own communities might be.

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