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We tell stories about horses, humans and life.

Hello! We are a collaborative group of women facilitating life changing skill development programs through the power of the horse. We are privileged to witness amazing transformations take place in our arenas and want to share with the world what these programs can do for people.

Every author on this blog believes in the power of these programs and we hope you will see why.

We are so grateful you're here!

Jessica Klarholm

Jessica's expertise is helping women entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to make bold moves in their personal and business lives.

Sarah Rivera

Sarah enjoys working with women who need to reconnect with themselves and a vision for their lives. In these workshops, it's not the humans who are coaching you, it's the horses.

Taylor Thompson

Taylor and her herd of rescue horses help others realize their own bravery and resiliency. At Starting Gate, we give unwanted horses a chance and people a choice while we open the gate to unforgettable learning.

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