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How little horses saved my sanity

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

I was 7 months pregnant and had just moved into a new home in the dead of Saskatchewan winter. With the shoulder straps of my insulated Carhart coveralls tied on with purple zipties (to accommodate my rather round belly that prevented the front zipper from moving up), I trudged through the snow to our future barn. It was a shell of a building but we would make it a 'horse home'. I knew we would have horses here one day.

The thing is... I hadn't owned a horse in a few years and I didn't feel it was wise to bring a new horse into my current situation (for safety reasons being preggo). So I decided to get little horses. Matt & I searched and we found 3 miniature horses we wanted to bring home. I picked 2 (Honey & Gator), he picked 1(Sid). Honey was a palomino senior citizen who had a personality exactly as her name suggests. Gator was 2 years old, every inch of him black, pretty shy and freshly halter broke. Sid...Sid was a yearling stud colt, black and white appaloosa with a FIESTY personality. The day they arrived we dubbed them the "OG's" (Original Gangsters) and gangsters they were. All of them stood under 34" and they very quickly taught us that size does not matter in relation to manners. We are sure glad we invested the time into them at that age to be useful members of society, our toddler appreciates it too.

We have a rocking chair that faces the pasture from our kitchen window, it's where I sit to sip hot drinks and ponder my blessings. Every time I look out that window and see those ponies I am filled with emotion. They joined our lives without a say in the matter and they adapted. They have been on the receiving end of many emotional moments from my pregnant to new mom to the sky is falling hills and valleys and they have never turned me away.

Honey has since passed away, we miss her nickers and sweet eyes. She was with us for a short time but she left a big impression and an appreciation for gentleness. Gator and Sid both carry our son around like they were born to do it. They are also learning to drive as a team which is a learning curve for me too, and so much fun. The most fascinating part of it all is that we have created a bond with each other, all from the ground. I'm now a believer that simply being with a horse is all you really need. Standing in their presence as you are, no fake smile and no lies, with no expectations,

opens the door to a powerful connection.

Rewind a month before moving when my days were highlighted with foot rubs, McDonald's chicken nuggets, and a grey cat who liked to sleep draped across my neck (or belly) in our cozy condo. When I wasn't napping, I was learning to crochet. My first project was a simple blanket made from 3 simple stitches. It didn't turn out perfect but it has held together over the last 4 years and is a steady reminder of those days. Those days where there was no lawn to mow, no snow to shovel, underground parking, an elevator, and if something went wrong utility-wise someone else had to deal with it. BUT there was also no lawn to mow, no snow to shovel, no pride in the property, and no horses. It's an obvious choice for me. :)


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