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Self-Care with Purpose

Today I rearranged my fridge shelves.

Groundbreaking, I know. But seriously, how often do itty bitty things like the placement of fridge shelves affect our day? I’m a grazer (a term I find quite comical considering my horse background) so I am in my fridge multiple times a day. When we moved into this house 4 years ago the fridge shelves were where they were and they stayed there… until today.

When working with horses, it is often said to “make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy”. This gives them a clear view of what you are asking of them so they can respond in an appropriate manner. I like to apply this phrase to my own life and take out some of the minute decisions, easing my own brain load.

I’ve been developing my model of self-care to be much more about setting myself up for success rather than about relaxing and I am loving it. I spend a good deal of time learning from experts (podcasts are my jam), learning from horses (unbiased teaching that I can rely on), and giving my mind/body what it needs (rest, nutrition, care). I’m finding that the more I tweak my lifestyle to support clear mindedness and efficiency the further the ripple effect reaches. Take the fridge shelves for instance, they do the same job as they did yesterday but now they do it in a way that better caters to me and my family.

With practice, I am learning to recognize and act on the itty bitty things in my life that can improve my day to day. So, what is one itty bitty thing that isn’t functioning to full potential for you? How can you tweak it to make it work for you? Got it? Now go do that thing.


“I like bubble baths and champagne as much as the next girl, but neither of them radically transform your life or make you more capable of accomplishing your goals and creating the life you want. Managing your mind and your emotional life does that. That is the real self-care.”

– Kara Loewentheil Unf*ck Your Brain Podcast Episode 9

Me & Sid taking a break from the daily chore grind to pose for a selfie.

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