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One Hoofbeat At A Time

Welcome to my arena...

~One Hoofbeat At A Time~

I’m an Intuitive Spiritual teacher teamed up with my horses and their innate truths and Wisdom. (My own personal teachings and experiences) I will share a very very quick version of a session in identifying “THE SELF”. I’m asking you a question in this beautiful place that I call Paradise here on earth of the teachings of WHO ARE YOU? Identifying yourself as Flesh, bones, five senses... yes you are all that and you are also more than that. My teachings are also a call if you forgot who you are in the infinite realm of God and the POWERHOUSE you are and hold within. I teamed up with my horses in expelling of my humaneness to Spiritual Healing and uncovered things I never imagined that were possible in being the best version of ME. (Teachings are always stemmed from my own truths and experiences) Deep in your awareness/Consciousness lies who you really are, you know what ..we are truly powerful as a human being and this what is the powerhouse you hold and to be discovered. Think 🤔 about that for a are a POWERHOUSE. Spending quiet time with my horses has allowed me to step in to my awareness in being in the moment in the presence of them in the present moment. I was able to sit and be conscious of the powerhouse that I do hold within me that they taught me because without being aware of being a powerhouse, I wouldn’t be safe and secure to ensure to them as a leader that I needed to be for myself and for them. Horses also need all of this reciprocated back to them... boomerang effect and it works... Trust me. TRUST is another biggy as you need to trust in yourself before diving in with horses and they know that you know it or don’t and they feedback your true essence of where you sit with all of this....every time. At the beginning of my horse training I had a lot of questions I actually always will have questions as I’m always learning but I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the communication between us going and it’s within time that I realize I didn’t trust myself. Why? because I wasn’t CONFIDENT enough and horses read confidence at a very high-level. You either have it or you don’t and if a horse does not have a very confident LEADER (not dominant) they will let you know and you are not in safe terrain at that time. How do I know? because one time my level of confidence about getting on a very dominant horse was not very high and he knew it and he didn’t TRUST me so he dumped me... no not like like a date lol... dumped me from his back and I ended up with a concussion... sure it’s a horse story but it’s mine which gave me another piece of the puzzle in the self growth amidst the intelligence of horses.

ACCEPTANCE is another keyword and the environment of being with horses and with the self. When you’re with the horses, they live in the present moment and living in the present moment means acceptance of being OK with yourself with them. I pose this question to myself quite frequently... am I OK to be of acceptance or non-acceptance from my horses. This is also an awareness that came through that the horses know when you accept yourself and are OK with who you are... where you are... what you’re doing with your past, your present and your future. Are you OK at that time to ACCEPT the moment that you are in? (Deep I know but really humbling). SURRENDER is where I’m broken enough and more times than I care to actually count.... NO not bones...but internally and externally where things went wrong in life (very abusive relationship- death - loss of lifetime government job - boarder line losing 2 properties etc.) and experiences with my horses that turned bad due to losing my self, that I actually dropped to my knees and said I’M DONE, I can’t do thiiiiisss anymore and I’m left hopeless in my wants and desires. Things were not happening and I just shook my arms up at the heavens and said “OKaaayyy God... what do you want from me.... I SURRENDER”..... And that... is when things started to CHANGE...ONE HOOFBEAT AT A TIME 💗 To be continued.......

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