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Ladies Only

I'm tired.

I need a break.

I'm stressed.

My brain is like mush.

I'm overwhelmed.

Sound familiar? Does someone you know come to mind? Maybe it's you. I have been hearing these phrases a lot lately so I decided to offer a morning session for just women. We would spend time with the horses, working on ourselves, then sip coffee and have good conversation after.

During the program briefing, I talked about how horses live in the moment and react without second guessing themselves. They are wired this way because they are prey animals, always prepared to prioritize their safety.

Apply that thinking to your life.

Imagine if you lived in the moment. Not worrying about tomorrow, not stressing over last week, not on edge waiting to hear Covid restrictions. Would your life look different? Would you feel differently? It was suggested by one of the ladies that if she could focus only on the moment she was living she would notice her emotions changing and could manage them before they overwhelmed her. By living in the moment, she could prioritize her feelings and leave the weight of the past behind her.

Each lady that showed up that morning was there because they chose to take time for themselves. And that is a powerful move. A self-loving move. Let's do more of those, Ladies, shall we?

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