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Hair Everywhere! Oh my!

It's the time of year when equestrians are covered in horse hair. Hair in our mouths, hair on our clothes, hair everywhere! This spring shedding is the sign of warmer weather, of longer days, and of bugs ;)

Even though we repeat this cycle every year, it never really gets easier. It is one of those things that requires manual labor and time. As each brushstroke removes winter fluff the horse thanks us with little cues and that makes the task less cumbersome. Katrina often moves her lips in approval. Gator will stand still as long as it feels good. Louie will reach around for mutual grooming on my arm, leg, or head, whatever he can reach. Giving my horse a good grooming, a good massage, a good feeling is hardly a chore... it is an opportunity.

Grooming is an opportune time for bonding and stillness. And I mean this in the barn and in our own homes. I encourage you to model your own personal grooming sessions after your horse one. Clear your mind of the busy, pay attention to what's in your hands, whether that is shampoo, lotion, or an exfoliating brush and work on that relationship with self. Caring for our bodies is a necessity and an opportunity, take it from the horse.

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