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Horses are a Family Affair

If you have horses, chances are your family has been involved on some level. Whether they're riding, brushing, or admiring from afar, it seems that horses are a family affair.

In my case, the family involvement goes way back. My parents baled the hay that fed my horses, hauled me to events, and gave me the opportunity to have horses in the first place. Grandpa bought the two horse trailer and the first foal I raised. My sisters rode the fields with me and dreamed the big dreams with me.

And now... my hunny is helping me build our own horse property and spending evenings riding with me. My son helps feed the horses, gives them hugs, and is learning to be a good horseman.

So this weekend when my hunny and I loaded up our two mini geldings and took them to the rodeo to meet kids, it seemed to be a full circle moment. My mom helped us set up our little tent of pony goodness and she spent the afternoon with us promoting our programs and encouraging me.

The night before this, my dad, my mom, my sister (with her brand new baby boy!, toddler, and hubby) all came to watch Matt & I do a silly Hooves vs Hawgs spoof at the kids rodeo. Matt rode a 50cc dirtbike and I rode our little Welsh mare bareback. We had fun :)

I've always known I'm blessed in the family department but having my family surround me as I venture out to share my love of horses with strangers really reminded me just how much they've been supporting me all along.

Mom, Me, Zeke

Our first public outing #EstevanRodeo2021

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